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Webflow e-Commerce

Responsive e-Commerce is a must to succeed.

2016 was the year that mobile e-commerce really took off. About 51 percent, that is, a little more than half of Swedes, now shop online from their mobile phone or tablet. The number is now approaching four million Swedish consumers.

There are still a lot of people who do not make purchases because the website they were searching was not mobile-friendly, as much as 41%. In fact, this number is still increasing slightly. Here, the industry has not fully had time to adapt to consumer behavior regarding mobile e-commerce. Make sure your site is mobile-friendly so you don’t lose customers who are following these shopping trends!
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Having a responsive website is a must if you want to be seen on the internet.

Nowadays, it is more and more common to search the internet with a smartphone or tablet rather than with a desktop computer or laptop.

Many people forget how important it is to have a modern website. If your website does not work well on mobile phones or tablets, you will lose a large number of visitors!

Responsive design means that the layout changes and adapts to the size of the screen, which means that the website always looks good, regardless of which device the visitor is using.

It takes some work up front in the development phase for the website to be responsive, but it is worth it. It could mean the difference in making little sales or many. The website's structure, layout, and content are automatically adapted to the visitor's screen and looks just as good in all sizes.
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Webflow Website


Customized development

Customized development

Do you have a business and no standard application suits you?

We can solve this problem. We have extensive experience with building customized solutions for situations like yours.

We have helped many of our customers with unique solutions that are tailored to their own individual business.

With the help of our experienced team and the most current development tools, we can present a well-functioning prototype in very little time.
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TravelBook, a booking system for organizers with their own travel operation.

Do you package and create your own trips?

Visual Solutions can offer a charter booking system for tour operators that can handle most things. If you mix your own hotel contracts with scheduled flights, we can also provide support for you.

We offer TravelBook to both large and small touroperators and travel agencies. For smaller tour operators and travel agencies, TravelBook is a very affordable option as no large investment is required. The system can grow in step with your company's development as you grow your business and offer more options.
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Support - Visual Solutions

Customized support

We help you when you need it!

Receive support according to your needs, whether you are having software, hardware, or development issues. Support is available by remote, phone, via chat, or on site.

We help you with all kinds of support. We can solve your problems quickly and easily.
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Do you need extra consultants?

If you need extra consultants or special expertise in a project, you are welcome to contact us to see how we can help.

We are consultants in Webflow and Webflow eCommerce, DataFlex in all environments, Internet/Web, responsive websites, and e-commerce.

We have helped many of our customers with special competence in different projects.

It can be anything from database conversions, training, resources in a project, or application development.
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