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A responsive website is a must if you want to be seen on the internet.

Nowadays, it is more and more common to search the internet with a smartphone or tablet rather than a desktop or laptop computer.

Many people forget how important it is to have a modern website. If your website does not work on mobile or tablet, you will lose a large number of visitors!

Responsive design means that the layout changes and adapts to the size of the screen, which means that the website always looks good, regardless of which device the visitor uses.
98% have access to the internet
90% have a smartphone
70% have a tablet
93% have a computer
95% use the internet on their mobile phones daily to surf
Statistics from Sweden
309 billion will be passed in 2019
Services 50 billion
Goods 116 billion
Travel 144 billion
Body and health 10.6 billion (of which 61% of all trading takes place on the internet)
Statistics from Sweden


Webflow responsive Website

A responsive website is a must if you want to be found by people using mobile phones and tablets.

The technology has developed and today we have a large selection of smartphones, tablets, and computers with different screen sizes. For the website to look good in all browsers, the structure must be changed and images resized.

It takes a little work up front in the development phase for the website to be responsive, but it is worth it. The website's structure, layout, and content are automatically adapted to the visitor's screen and look just as good in all sizes.

If you have only adapted the website for desktop, your customers will encounter problems if they search for your site via their smartphones or tablets. The user sees that it is not responsive and usually leaves the website when it is not possible to surf without ease. That’s lost sales!

Drop no visitors

There are still a lot of people who will not visit a site, or will leave the site quickly, because the website was not mobile-friendly.

If you want many visitors, and you want them to become customers, it is a must that your website is responsive and works on all devices. A majority of all visitors now use their mobile phones to surf the web.

You do not want a user to interrupt their visit to your website because it does not show well on their tablet or phone.

Make sure that your website is responsive and works well for the mobile and tablet customers.


Responsive Website


Responsive design

Design and development

We help you design and develop your new website with Webflow.

Webflow is the latest in website design and e-commerce. With Webflow, you have total freedom to design your entire website and e-commerce site if you wish.

Because we use Webflow, we are not bound by fixed templates when it comes to design. We can design the entire website completely according to your wishes.

We build websites both with and without CMS. You can host a website without CMS on your own server if you wish. We can also help you with hosting your website regardless of whether you have a CMS or not.

All hosted websites automatically get a secure address, i.e., a website that starts with https, which provides better ranking on all search engines.

A system to trust

Hosting–your e-commerce site and website are located on secure servers

SSL is always included

24/7 monitoring of e-commerce and website (requires hosting)

Search function included (requires CMS)

CMS "database" (requires CMS agreement)

Blog included (requires CMS agreement)

Automatic backup of all design elements

Webflow offers a complete solution!


Webflow Website


Webflow support

Customized support

We can help you when you need it!

Support according to your needs. If we have delivered a website to you, we are helpful with support on the solution we have delivered.

We also offer support as needed, whether it be related to software, hardware, or development. Support is provided by remote, by phone, via chat, or on site.

We can help with all kinds of support. We will solve your problems quickly and easily.

Do you need extra consultants?

If you need extra consultants or specialist expertise in a project with Webflow, you are welcome to contact us.

We are consultants in Webflow and Webflow eCommerce, responsive websites, and e-commerce.

We have helped many of our customers with specialised expertise in various projects.

It can be anything from converting WordPress to Webflow, training, connections to Zapier and Integromat, or resource in a project.

We know Webflow!


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